Truth in self-advertising

I update and write on this about as much as…well..I don’t know. I jst don’t update a lot.

Anyway, thought I’s write a little of my “philosophy” as it were.  Thesde are my own thoughts. Where I have taken from other writers, I have given credit. By other writers, I mean philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, and those men.


You hear this word used a lot by many people. They say that they know it and that their truth is the only one. To me that is just total bullshit. I see truth as I see many things in our universe: unknowable.  Simply put: there is no such thing as an universal truth. Like many other things in life, we’re exposed to a perceived truth from an early age. As such it becomes part of who we are. Therefore, it becomes a certainty. It all depends on where we were born, to what type of society we were born into, and when we were born. Someone who was born in Germany in 1930 has a different life outlook than someone born in the USA in 1990. It is sort of like the old “nature versus nuture” arguement: how we turn out depends on either how were born or how we were raised, A personal truth is lke that. It’s a combination of the two.

My truth is my own truth. It’s an evolution of my experiences. What was a truth to me 15 years ago is not a truth for me now. In another 10 years, my future truth will be different than the one I have now. I think it’s because I will become a different person then. Upon becoming a new person, I shall have  new truth to go along with the new persona.

Further, I think that each person’s definition and self perception of truth gives them a sense of both purpose and comfort. That’s fine as long as that truth does not hurt other people or things AND as long as it doens’t encrouch on the truths of others.

This is where my biggest issue with the whole convoluted idea of truth lies: there are those out there who are 100% convinced their truth is the ONLY one and that others with different ones are wrong and are in need of guidance. They feel the need to tell us they know “the truth” and that we’re too blind to see.

I see it as the opposite: because I refuse to accept an abolsute truth, I am free. My mind is free enough to see other possibilites and others so-called truth. It also allows me to let my personal evolution happen without hinderance.

So, my my own truth live as it is now. Let it be “immature” enough to grow as I do. I may not (no one may not) ever know the absolute truth during their lifetime. But that’s fine. Because I think once we know tjis, then the mysyery of life is gone. It’s all solved. It’s all known. There will be no use in evolving as individuals ever again.

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