What’s Left to See?

Has everything that we need to know been revealed? Do we really know all there is to know? Or are we still yet making discoveries? I really think that we are always finding revelation…it would be silly to think that there is nothing else to discover. Things are always making themselves know to us in many ways, it’s just a matter of looking at how it’s revealed. If we look at it in the right way, we can see things that we may never have seen before because we never knew it was there. And what of the things yet to make themselves known? I do think that such things exist or will exist. It’s a matter of evolving in knowledge…the only way to make strides is to see new things when they appear and be part of the evolution of knowledge. Growing not only involves the physical and mental, but the inetellectual and metaphysical. Growth happens in many ways and in many forms in that case. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to grow in many ways as to make oneself a more fully developed self? What’s left to be discovered? The open mind, I think, says everything.

(from a 2005 posting at My Space)

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